Very Professional and Amazing, Healing Touch

I had terrible lower back and neck pain.  The pain would keep me up all night.  Dr. Beth worked her healing touch on those areas, and my pain is minimal.  I value her services, compassion and care for my well being.   --Dona, La Mesa

Amazing Comfort and Peace with Clients

Dr. Beth has a way with animals that is mesmerizing.  I had a rescue that had a pretty rough past.  I was appreciative of her wisdom, and noninvasive modalities of healing for my animal.  -Bill, East County

Dr. Beth helped me achieve my goal!

I was facing a trip that would require hours of sitting in a plane.  I was already in pain, and didn't know how I was going to manage it.  Dr. Beth helped me with a plan, bodywork, and breathing stretches that helped me work through the lower back and gluteal pain that I was experiencing.  Guess what!  I did the trip half way around the world, had a glorious time, and came back with no pain.  Very grateful for her work!- Ellen, Hillcrest

Never to old for a massage!

With all my aches and pains, I was amazed at Dr. Beth's patience and compassion for me.  I had terrible neck and shoulder pain, and she worked out the knots, and trigger points that I was experiencing.  I appreciated her time in reminding me about being hydrated, and thinking about my sleep patterns.  I found out that how I was sleeping was contributing more to my pain than being 93.  - Emily, Chula Vista

Professional presence during a time of need

My husband and I were going through a difficult time of end of life care with our 16 year old dog.  Dr. Beth held our dog, loved on the dog while we talked.  When we came to a decision, she anointed our beloved animal "family member", and walked us through a time of gratitude with our beloved dog.  She is amazing with animals, and comforting to those in need. - J &P, San Marcos

An Athlete at Heart

Playing different sports and getting roughed up at times, I found my body pretty beaten up.  Dr. Beth is awesome and knowing how the body works, and how to relieve pain.  Without my awareness, she actually helped me work through some things that were causing my body tension and stress. - Tim, San Diego

My animals can't wait till she comes!

As a health professional myself, I can honestly say that if you've never had a decent therapeutic bodywork yourself, it's hard to describe all the benefits your animals would get from the experience provided by a professional like Dr. Beth Cooper.  She is highly skilled and really tuned in to animals as well.  Her treatments for horses are not just for high performance horses who are looking for an edge up on their competition but also for animals who are recovering from injuries or dealing with chronic issues like arthritis.  She was able to relieve the tender spots on my horses that were painful.  She was so in tune with the horses that she also was able to help my one horse who had fallen, and had scar tissue.  Animals just don't put their needs into words.  They don't have to with Dr. Beth.  She's put my horses a sleep on their feet with improved alignment, and flexibility that translates into more fluid movement and willingness to work.  My dogs and horses all push for attention when she arrives because they know she cares and always makes them feel better and gives them a healthy experience. -Pam and Dave, Valley Center

Therapeutic Bodywork helps me with job

Dr. Beth helps me stay young in a job that has me grow old.  I internalize the stress and my muscles get tight.  I start to ache and the pain becomes intolerable.  I have appreciated her intuition and wisdom with problem solving in helping me get out of pain.  Her track record in helping me is gold.  I appreciate her help in time when my muscles just ached with stress.  Very grateful for her comfort, skill, and peace that she brings.- Beth, South Bay

Her sessions are always tailored made

I am appreciative to the taylor made sessions that I have had that have addressed the problems I experience each week.  There is no cookie cutter massage or "drive through" fix.  Beth takes the time to listen, address the pain issues, and helps me breathe through the pain while she works on the area.  My pain has lessened and I have improved motion in my neck and shoulders.  Forever Grateful.  Monica, La Mesa


I am amazed at what Beth can do to relieve pain and improve my physical condition.  Beth helped me with a shoulder injury, and I regained flexibility in my back, shoulder, and neck.- Alice, San Diego

After the massage, my horse moved with more flexibility!

Feather thoroughly enjoyed her massage from Beth.  Afterwards, Feather had a greater ease of movement for several days.- Raina, Valley Center

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So Much Gratitude for Being out of Pain

Dr. Beth really helped my lower back and I am so ever grateful for her magical hands. -Gabby, Spring Valley

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Dr. Beth has Healing Hands


My name is Gary Matson. Sr and I have osteoarthritis. I was undergoing Physical Therapy and Chiropractic Treatments for months with very little success . I made an appointment with Dr. Beth Cooper and after the first Therapeutic Massage I was amazed at the improvement.  I have continued to receive a Massage every two weeks. My biggest problem that I have been troubled with for years is the Osteoartritis in my knee and neck. This has so greatly improved as is the pain and inflammation in my legs and hips. I am amazed at the improvement in my overall wellbeing. I would encourage you to give Dr. Beth a chance to help you . I tell her she has healing hands.

-Gary Matson, Sr., Allied Gardens

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Pain free and finally feeling back to normal!

Before my first session with Dr. Beth, the pain of my pinched nerve had grown so severe that I was constantly dealing with different levels of aching pain in my left arm and doing whatever I could to avoid getting onto painkillers. It was uncomfortable to lie on a massage table, but I had tried other massage therapists with no improvement. I’d tried acupuncture, cupping, chiropractic… Ultimately, it was a combination of a few massages with Beth and neck traction at home that I believe put me on the path to recovery. At the end of our first session, she was able to get a nice stretch in my neck that created a happily unexpected pop. Prior to that, my cervical spine was too tight that I couldn’t even get a chiropractor to do that. And I was past the point of letting one try to anymore. A big THANK YOU to Beth for coming to my home and helping me start on the path to recovery. Her massage, followup advice, and followup check-ins with me made a world of difference. After worrying that I’d be dealing with this pain forever, it’s been 2 months and I’m pain-free and finally feeling back to normal!                                       -Jeff Underwood, University Heights

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Being Able to See Relief

Dr. Beth has been doing a great job on my fur baby. I have an 11yo German Shepherd who has arthritis and a bad knee. Every week Dr. Beth works on her and I can just see relief come back to my baby’s face and she has her “ahhhhh” moment. Thank you Beth for being one of our favorite parts of the week ❤️       -Amanda Hanson, Kearney Mesa

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