About Us

Dr. Beth Cooper

 A 20 year Reiki Master, Dr. Beth comes to us with experience, education, and gifts helping others experiencing wellness. Dr. Beth is a holistic health practitioner, author, licensed bodyworker/ massage therapist, certified Life Coach, and Spiritual Director. She is also trained and educated in music.  

Here, if you need me!

  Dr. Beth loves to work with people and animals, and is also an animal massage therapist that specializes in equine and canine massage.  If you have an older animal or an animal that suffers from anxiety or a medical condition, consider bodywork to aid in your animal's healing.  If you have a horse that is in need of healing or pre/ post performance needs, don't hesitate to notify the office!  And if you are personally longing for spiritual direction, life coaching, learning the healing benefits of Reiki or are are only interested bodywork, please notify the office so that we can move forward your healing!  

Services to help move people forward!

  Dr. Beth also specializes in working with oncology clients, and has taken advanced training in oncology massage and working with those who have chronic pain   Dr. Beth has a passion to help people with their life goals.  She helps others with quality life and helping people experience the sacred in everyday life!