Therapeutic Massage - Other Services


Therapeutic Massage/Bodywork

Body  work/ Massage brings healing arts to the clients by working with  muscles that hold memory.  Be Well Sphere specializes in custom massage  adapted to each client's body and needs.  Our signature is that we coach  clients to know more about how to take excellent care of their bodies. 

$85/hr, $110/90 min, $125/ 2 hrs


Equine Massage

Equine massage gives your horse better performance, flexibility, and circulation.  It also helps with muscle strains, soreness, and recovery from events.  Dr. Beth is a certified equine sports massage practitioner.  Dr. Beth knows animals and produces results that benefit your horse.

$125/ hr, 2 or more horses- $95/ horse/ hr


Canine Massage

Our animals are like humans in that they experience injuries,arthritis, stiffness, and health problems.  Animals like to be loved on and feel caring touch.  Be Well Sphere provides dog massage treatments that can improve the level of comfort and care for animals.

Be Well Sphere's signature is that we  coach owners to use skills that increase your bonding with your dog.
$70/ hr, 2 or more dogs- $60/ hr.



It's an incredible experience to leave distractions, pressures, and stress behind by getting away.  A retreat setting can help people re-center.  Focus can remind us who we are, help us face our own deepest fears, and refresh our life.  We move from struggle to being and becoming.  (Please call the office for your requests, and a fee will be given for services.)


Heart Song Music

Music is a gift for the soul.  Be Well Sphere has trained musicians to help with pivotable times in life.  Let Be Well Sphere music help heal the soul. We have vocalists, musicians, and song writers who are in service for specific occasions:

Wedding       Celebration of Life

Birthday        Funeral or Memorial Services

Hospice        People who can't get out

Give us a call for a gift of music!   


Minister Services

Need a pastor?

Weddings        Funerals

Prayers           Visiting the Sick

Transitions      Spiritual Guidance

Conflict            Biblical Teaching

Hospice Care  Holy Communion

If you are in need for any reason, our pastoral support can be here for you!

Animal Services


Animal Chaplain Services

  • Welcoming a new canine family member.
  • Understanding animal behavior.
  • Assist while owners deal with medical treatments, crisis, or life events.
  • Dealing with uncertainty and loss such as pet surgery, a lost pet, end of life, or loss of life.
  • Rituals for grieving and moving forward.

We are here for you!   $65/ hr, Call the office for any questions.


Pet Sitting and Boarding

Be Well Sphere is equipped to pet set your animals while you are out of town.  We can also take care of domesticated farm animals while you are away.  Please call the office for what your need is and receive rates.  We are here to help!


Pet Exercise

When life is so busy that it is hard to keep up with the regular day to day activities with your animals, Be Well Sphere can assist you with your animal.  We have experience in exercising your animal from your 2 pound dog to ground work with your riding horse.  $65/hr, please call office for details!

Healing Talk


Life Coaching

Transitions, stress, being stuck, or needing new directions are key times for Life Coaching.  Take time with our staff to identify,claim, and achieve goals.  Be Well Sphere's signature performance is helping our clients broaden life skills.  $75/hr, $95/90 min


Spiritual Direction

When your energy is down, your spirit grieving or angry,or your soul feels lost it helps to have a guide with you.  Be Well Sphere offers a companion and mentor.

Spiritual Direction gives space for you to set apart time for awareness and personal growth and ask tough questions.  Our professionals help clients find their own answers.    $75/ hr, $95/ 90 min


Coaching with Activity

Sometimes it is just too hard to sit and talk.  Life can be too hard to try and be present while sitting.  This is a service that enables the person to have an active listener, and Life Coach engage forward movement of the heart and spirit while engaging the physical body.  $75/hr, $95/90 min