Benefits of Massage


Therapeutic Bodywork/ Massage is for pain, muscle relief

Be Well Sphere offers quality therapeutic pain massage customized for each client to meet specific client needs for health and wellness.


Massage can assist with body balance, circulation, pain management, sleep, and digestion.  It can improve lymph and blood circulation to enhance healing and increase mobility and flexibility.  Ask Be Well Sphere for details about specific benefits that come with long term bodywork.

Length of Bodywork/ Massage

Be Well Sphere bodywork/ massage programs offer 60, 90, and 2 hour sessions.  The body releases in the first hour making it possible to provide deeper therapeutic work

Why Choose Be Well Sphere Massage

Be Well Sphere clients have experienced improved overall wellness by working muscles and reducing pain.  Be Well Sphere offers non-invasive services that can help maintain and increase mobility.

Great News

Maintaining one's health with regular bodywork/ massage compares to maintaining a car with regular care.  It can reduce traumatic experiences and expensive alternatives.  Your holistic practitioner will help you better understand your own body and provide wellness coaching.

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